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Your gift could be the turning point this Christmas

This could be the worst homelessness crisis in our 50-year history, with over 23,000 young people at risk. You can make sure a young person isn’t just a statistic this Christmas: by donating today you could help a young homeless person into a safe warm room, so they can start to turn their lives around.

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£12 could provide a safe space

Your gift could give a young person arriving at Centrepoint a safe and warm place to stay, so they can begin to move on from homelessness.

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£20 could pay for a meal

Your gift could go towards a hot meal and a safe place to sleep, for a young person arriving at one of our services this Christmas. 

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£100 could pay for counselling

Your gift could pay for the counselling and support a young person needs to move beyond the trauma of homelessness.

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Jen, Centrepoint resident

After her relationship with her mum broke down beyond repair, Jen was forced to leave the family home and ended up sleeping rough. She was only 16 years old — afraid, cold and alone.

“It was terrifying. Anything could have happened. My neighbourhood isn’t that safe at the best of times.  It was just so cold too; I didn’t even have socks. I’ve got big scars on my ankles from where I was just walking about all the time.”

Jen was referred to Centrepoint. She was given a safe, warm room and began to turn her life around. Today she is studying hairdressing and is looking forward to moving into a home of her own.

“All the staff here are amazing. They have an open door policy and you can go and talk to them whenever you need to.”

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What we do

Centrepoint is the UK's leading youth homelessness charity. Together with our partners, we support more than 14,000 homeless young people each year. We provide accommodation, mental health support and life skills to get vulnerable young people back into education, training and employment. We want to end youth homelessness in the UK.

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