The Power of Communication

Samia Meah, a former Centrepoint resident, welcomes you to this edition of Your Impact.

Without discussion, debate and an open platform for people to express themselves, our organisation would not be able to operate effectively. Listening to our young people’s experiences and opinions are at the heart of our work. This dialogue allows us to provide the best service we can to homeless young people, tailoring the support to each individual’s needs.

We look at the healing properties of conversation and the impact it can have on mental health, how discussion can be used as a lifeline for young people and how this underpins everything we’ve built through the Centrepoint Helpline.

Communication is vital for Centrepoint, whether it’s with our young people, our colleagues or our supporters. We are continuously improving our services in order to make them more effective for all those involved in the Centrepoint family.

Centrepoint helped me when I was a young person in need and reflecting back on the time at my hostel, I remember that I did a lot of talking and the staff did a lot of listening, then acting. I know now that it was those conversations that cemented a path to my flourishing future.

We hope that you enjoy this issue. From everyone here at Centrepoint, we’d like to thank you sincerely for your support in making a difference to the lives of homeless young people.

We wish you a fantastic 2018!