Our supporters you are amazing

Our Supporters: You are amazing!

Carole, a Mother from Yorkshire, tells her real life story of why she supports Centrepoint.

My son was a typical ‘school refuser.’ At 17 he moved to Manchester and lived a life of music, alcohol and drugs. I was prepared for him to become an alcoholic and live on the streets.

In the end he managed to avoid a life on the streets but still sofa surfed which so many homeless young people experience

Adolescence is a terrifying and difficult time for some. For young people this is
intensified if society sees them as scum. But behind every young person you see on the streets is a story - and these stories can be hard to hear and even harder to change.

I can’t not support Centrepoint, for all the work they do for young people like my son. If it wasn’t for Centrepoint supporters, young people like my son could have very different outcomes for their lives.