Expanding our reach

Expanding our reach and helping more young people in Manchester!

When our supporters go above and beyond, we can too. Centrepoint works in London, Yorkshire and the North East. But we have now expanded our reach to work in Manchester. In 2016, nearly twice as many people were sleeping on the streets of Manchester as there were in 2015. Now, we are supporting 2,000 vulnerable 16-25 year olds in the city each year - young people who find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness, are able to access practical support and advice from our trained case workers.


18-year-old Adam turned to Centrepoint for help a year ago. He wants to share his story and heartfelt thanks.

"I used to live with my father, just the two of us. It wasn’t easy because he had certain views that clashed badly with my own. Plus he had health concerns that affected my mental health and I became quite depressed and it started to affect my education. My grades got lower and lower day by day. I was doing my A-levels at the time, and things really disrupted my education. I couldn’t focus, and I decided not to do my exams, I just couldn’t focus on my revision. I had to leave.

My dad was a lovely person but we argued too and I just didn’t have any support from anyone in my life at that point. I was 16, I needed to focus on my life, my education.

I went straight to Centrepoint for support. I knew where to go because another friend of mine was homeless, and he’d visited there and got a lot of help to get accommodation. He told me that if I had nowhere else to live, then I would be able to speak to Centrepoint. So I did. I explained what had happened, the situation, and how I was feeling. Centrepoint didn’t just tell me where I could go for accommodation; they found it for me. The staff were really nice and friendly, they tried their best to understand how I felt. The support I received was a massive help.

I still live in a hostel now, and I’m at college. I’ve changed my course and now I’m back on track and doing better. I want to do a radiography course next. That’s what I’d like to do – I want to be a consultant one day. I want to aim high. I’m still in touch with my dad. I try to see him whenever I can.

You won’t understand this situation until you experience it. I never thought I’d be in this situation, but sometimes things happen in life that might cause you some problems. But at the end of the day you have to work hard to get over them to be successful in life."

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