Centrepoint's Dean Street Cafe

Dean Street Cafe

In the middle of trendy Soho, there’s now an ethical alternative! We are immensely proud to introduce our Dean Street Cafe, opening this autumn.

The cafe will use the space at the existing Dean Street Centrepoint resource centre, opening at weekends only. This social enterprise will be run by homeless young people, giving them the opportunity to integrate into their community in an active, positive way, gaining work experience needed to find work in London’s thriving food retail and hospitality economy.

Young people like Claire who was 17 when family disagreements meant she had to leave the home she was living in with her grandmother. She has faced mental health challenges and bullying related to her sexuality. Thanks to Centrepoint supporters, not only does Claire have a roof over her head, her renewed confidence is allowing her to consider her future career in hospitality and catering.

Dean Street Cafe opens early autumn and it’s where Claire is being given the opportunity to gain the skills and experience she needs to secure a catering apprenticeship and begin building her career It is with thanks to supporters like you that Claire has access to a Centrepoint keyworker, who has guided her in the direction of the Dean Street Cafe, leaving her experience of homelessness in the past.

You can visit the cafe at weekends when it opens in early autumn at 54 Dean Street, London W1D 6AE