Young girl on London street. With your help, we can help get young people into Centrepoint services

Pay the rent or eat - which would you choose?

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£3,000 could provide 200 emergency supermarket vouchers to young people at Centrepoint

Ensuring they don't have to choose between paying rent or eating.

Donate £3,000

£6,000 could go towards one-to-one help through a personal Key Worker

A key worker can help to arrange vital support for a young person, including emergency food and everyday items.

Donate £6,000

£10,000 could help towards the refurbishment of a Centrepoint service kitchen

As well as a restock of equipment and emergency food cupboards.

Donate £10,000

No young person should be skipping meals to make ends meet

Young people are struggling to afford enough food – we’ve seen a 400% rise in demand for emergency food support at Centrepoint.

Our recent research on Universal Credit cuts also reveals that young people’s mental health is suffering because of financial strain. They can’t keep up with rent payments, and they’re sacrificing funds for their education and a sustainable way out of homelessness in order to buy basic items.

Together, we can help young people at Centrepoint to get enough nutritious food, receive mental health support, and access the financial assistance that allows them to prioritise their education, preventing the homelessness cycle.

“All of my caseload have said how the cut has left them wondering how they will pay all their bills and buy food. Even the strictest budget doesn't allow for quality foods or enough heating.”

- Youth homelessness worker, West Midlands

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Your contribution could mean the turning point for another young person like Joe*: 

Joe was only 17 when his dad passed away. He had been his dad’s carer, and after losing him, was asked to move out of the temporary accommodation they shared – Joe ended up experiencing severe financial hardship.

Kai 2

"I've got £3 in my bank account to last five days. I'm lucky that I've been able to borrow £20 from my mum's boyfriend. If he hadn't helped me out, I'd have no food."

*Name changed to protect identity and model image used.

We were able to give Joe financial support through the Centrepoint Bursary Fund, but so many young people like him are at breaking point.

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To find out more about supporting young people with a philanthropic gift, please contact our Philanthropy Manager, Anna Zakrzewski, at or by calling 07824464390.

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