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Your second gift today could open the door of opportunity for homeless young people

When you donated three months ago, you opened up new possibilities for a homeless young person. You helped them into a safe, warm room so they could start to turn their lives around.

But leaving the trauma of homelessness behind can take many months, even years. A second donation today can help a young person start to heal as they look forward to a happier and healthier future.

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£20 could help pay for much needed counselling

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Thanks to supporters like you, Tasha turned her life around

When Tasha arrived at Centrepoint, she felt rejected and betrayed. She had been taken into care as a baby and grown up in the same foster home, but by the time she was a teenager, the relationship with her foster family had totally broken down. She felt like all doors had slammed shut on her. Thanks to supporters like you, one door remained open – ours.

 "It was difficult when I first arrived because I was so angry, I just didnt speak. It felt like such a betrayal that my mum had kicked me out."

At first, Tasha struggled to accept help. She had been rejected before by people she trusted. But slowly, with the help of her key worker Carol, she started to open up.

Together they put plans in place for Tasha’s future. She wasn’t happy at school, so with Carol’s support she applied for an apprenticeship at a bank. Today she is working and living independently. Tasha even received a Centrepoint Award in recognition of all she has achieved.

We can only be there for the months and years it takes a young person, like Tasha, to move on from the trauma of homelessness thanks to people like you. Will you support us again today?

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What we've achieved

Thanks to your generous donations, we’re helping young people recover from homelessness.

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14,000 homeless young people reached last year

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1,107 bed spaces provided to young people with nowhere else to turn

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88% of young people move on from Centrepoint into a job, education or a home of their own