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A Safe Haven

You are helping to provide homeless young people with a safe and warm room they can call home.

We run short-stay hostels, supported flats and services where homeless young people can study and train. Far Shay Farm is one of our 54 services . It opened in Bradford in early 2016. Carol is Deputy Manager at the Farm. Some of you may have read her email at Christmas but here she explains how they work like a family and create a safe haven for the young people we support.

Carol came to Centrepoint when she saw how much young people needed the services we offer. Now she manages the day-to-day operations of Far Shay. With her firm but friendly style - and passion for making a difference in young peoples’ lives - it’s a thriving service.

At Far Shay, Carol explains, 'The staff interact with the young people from coming here to going home. We all cook together, we all clean up together, we all go out for a walk together, we all go to the shops together, you know, it’s very much a family here that we are trying to create.'

'Every day when I come to work my goal is that we get young people a forever home, where they are not at risk of being evicted, where they know how to pay the bills, they know how to look after themselves and keep themselves clean, they know how to keep where they’re living clean and they have built up the resilience to be able to say no to people who are influencing them in the wrong way. And if I have achieved that, or part of that during the day, then I can go home happy,' says Carol.

Over Christmas, at a time when family is most important, Far Shay residents and staff raised a glass to you - the supporters who made it happen.