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Bursary Appeal Update: Granting Bright Futures

Our Bursary scheme exists to help get young people on the path they want for themselves. It’s based on longer-term support for young homeless people with longer lasting, life-changing impact.

It’s a scheme that supports people like Trey into education, training and employment. Trey found himself on the streets after being attacked in his family home. With his severe dyslexia, Trey hasn’t learnt to read or write and can’t find a job. Thanks to the appeal and your support, Trey used the bursary to pay for a formal dyslexia assessment so he can access the support he needs from his college. From here, he has a world of opportunities open to him.

And people like Luke, who came to Centrepoint after his relationship with his family broke down, has also used money from our Bursary Appeal to fund transport to college and to buy shoes required for his job.

Without this support, Luke would have struggled to get to college and work. He would have had to cut down on food so he could to pay for his travel until his paycheque came in. He said, 'The bursary helped me tremendously, I remember after paying my rent I was struggling to buy even a one week travelcard or to buy food.'

Now Luke has moved on from his supported accommodation and is successfully living independently in one of Centrepoint’s move-on properties. He is still working and attending college part-time.

'Here at Centrepoint, we see ourselves as the friends, guardians and protectors these young people so desperately need,' says Sally Orlopp, Centrepoint’s Director of Employability and Skills. 'Together, we will do anything we can to keep as many of them as possible off the streets and on the right track.'