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We all need a home – somewhere we can be happy and safe.

A safe future in 2017. Too much to ask?

Just before Emma’s sixteenth birthday, her whole life turned upside down. Her dad started becoming aggressive and she left her family home. The trouble is, she was forced to move into a whole new house of danger. Some nights to escape, she drank until she wouldn’t feel the cold, then slept in the local park.

Emma wasn’t safe, but she had no choice. And she’s one of 40% of young people who have experienced homelessness that have been forced to stay with a stranger to avoid the street.

Today, homeless young people are forced to make horrifying choices to get a place to stay, for a bed, for safety.

Thanks to support from people like you, Emma now has her own room, but more than that - she has a home and supportive people around her that she calls family.

We have now almost raised £2 million, so this winter young people can look forward to a safe and bright future.

A room at Centrepoint not only helps to provide a warm safe home but provides counselling and training to help young people find work or education. As well as teaching the basic life skills they need to achieve independence.

Emma is taking one day at a time and getting the vital support to rebuild her life. She is receiving vital counselling and focusing on practical achievements like learning to cook.

Stamatia Lorentzou, Senior Psychotherapist at Centrepoint, says: 'A room at Centrepoint is more than a physical space. It’s a place where young people who have experienced homelessness can come to establish their emotional independence and incubate their ambitions. Many homeless young people grow up in chaotic and overcrowded homes, and a room at Centrepoint provides support and structure where there hasn’t been previously.'

Thanks to your support, we can expand our services. Last year we opened a new service in Brent specifically for young people leaving foster care - often a very difficult and daunting time. Staff work intensively with the young people to support the transition from foster care to independence. Support for this campaign will help to open more services like this.

Thank you so much if you have donated to our Christmas Appeal or as Room Sponsor. If you haven’t and would like to find out more about how you can help provide a young person with a safe haven then please visit:

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