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Our Helpline team are there for homeless young people when they need it most

We receive a call from a young person at risk every 10 minutes.

Tonight, hundreds of homeless young people are in serious danger. With nowhere to go, and no-one to turn to, demand for Centrepoint’s Helpline has risen every month since the start of the pandemic. We need your support today to ensure we can continue to be there for homeless young people in need.

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£10 could help answer a call from a young person with nowhere safe to sleep tonight

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£20 could answer a young person’s call, investigate their issue, and follow up with solutions to avoid homelessness

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£50 could train more Helpline volunteers and expand our services to keep up with ever increasing demand this winter

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Meet Grace

Grace has been answering calls for Centrepoint’s Helpline since it first launched in 2017. From her perspective, this winter has been unprecedented in terms of the amount of serious cases that she's had to work on.

Grace and the Helpline team are there for young people in need of sound advice, who are frightened and unaware of the services they are entitled to but which they urgently need. Without our support, young people may have no choice but to sleep on the streets, where they are exposed to dangers such as cold weather, abuse and crime. This vital work needs your support today.

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In her five years working on the Helpline, Grace has taken many calls from young people in distress, who don't know where to turn for help. Grace can recall one particular recent call that stuck with her, from a young woman who had been stalked online and offline for weeks.

This young woman naturally sounded terrified and was desperate to move somewhere she could feel safe. However, her case fell outside of the criteria for domestic violence support, and the police were unable to help. She felt forced to stay somewhere she felt in real danger.

Fortunately, Grace answered her call and together they discussed the practical steps for finding her somewhere safer to stay. This is just one of 25,000 young people we have supported since the Helpline began.

Your gift towards the Helpline today could mean the right advice at the right time, which can have truly life-changing effects for a young person.

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The Centrepoint Helpline

Since 2017 the Centrepoint Helpline has offered advice and support to over 25,000 young people, to help prevent them from becoming homeless.

In 2022, the demand for this service is unprecedented, and has risen every month since the start of 2020. The economic after-effects of the pandemic, and the looming cost of living crisis means that the pressures on young people at risk of homelessness are as common and significant as ever.

There are young people out there needing our support every day, and in order to continue meeting this demand, we must expand our Helpline service.

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