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Emergency Coronavirus Appeal

Thousands of young people are on the brink of homelessness. They need your help now more than ever.

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A devastating crisis

Right now, thousands of young people are facing the terrifying prospect of homelessness. They are losing their jobs and are no longer able to rely on temporary accommodation. We must act now to help them – but we need your urgent support.

Your vital gift today could:

  • Help answer a huge increase in calls to our Helpline from vulnerable young people in urgent need of support.
  • Continue to support over 1,000 young people currently on lockdown in Centrepoint accommodation, many of whom are self-isolating.

£15 could pay for protective equipment

So that staff can continue to keep homeless young people safe at our services.

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£40 could help support our Helpline

To give advice and information to a vulnerable young person so they don’t have to sleep rough.

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£80 could provide vital emotional support

To a young person in our care whose mental health is suffering during this crisis.

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Thank You

Our fundraising income has fallen dramatically and we are facing a crippling shortfall. At the same time, demand for our services has risen. Your donation today could make a life-changing difference to vulnerable young people who are frightened, alone and have nowhere else to turn.

An image of a homeless and cold young person out on the streets.

The biggest youth homelessness crisis in our history

  • We are already seeing an increase of around 50% in calls to our Helpline from young people in crisis with nowhere else turn.
  • 380,000 people are experiencing ‘hidden’ homelessness in the UK. Many are young and have now lost their only shelter.
  • For many young people, we are their only safety net.
A homeless young person being supported by a Centrepoint keyworker.

“Who is going to help, if we do not? Who else is going to continue to support us, if you do not? The need for a young person who is homeless to feel a part of the Centrepoint family and, more importantly, a valued p​erson - is that not why we are here?”

– Lee, Development Officer, Manchester

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Help save a vulnerable person's life by supporting our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal.

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