The cold can kill.

But with your help, we can make sure homeless young people don't have to brave the freezing streets this winter.

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It's too cold to be outside

Snow has fallen across the country and temperatures continue to drop. With over 18,000 young people at risk of homelessness this winter, we need your help to give homeless young people a warm, safe place to stay.

£25 Could help young people escape the freezing streets.

Centrepoint supports more than 10,000 homeless young people each year. 

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£50 Could give a young person a warm place to stay.

Centrepoint saves the public purse £20,000 for each young person we work with.

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£100 Could help end homelessness for a young person.

86% of young people move on from Centrepoint positively.

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Matt Carlisle.JPG

Matt Carlisle, Centrepoint Service Manager

The freezing streets are no place for young people to be. You feel the chill in your bones. There's no way and nowhere you can get warm. You lose all hope, and you're so vulnerable.

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Snow has been falling around the country

Snow showers have reached many of our services around England including Manchester, Bradford and Barnsley. Below you can see some of the pics our staff have taken from our service areas around the county. There's more snow predicted in the next few weeks which means more homeless young people could be out braving the freezing streets.


Snow covered streets in front of Centrepoint accommodation in Barnsley.
Photo taken by Chloe, Regional Fundraiser.


A discarded snowy blanket on the side of the road in Manchester.
Photo taken by Rosie, Legacy Fundraiser.


Snow showers late at night on a street in North London.
Photo taken by Liz, London Fundraiser.

Your donation could start a future this winter

This winter, thousands of young people will be homeless or at risk of being homeless. But your donation can give young people the chance to leave homelessness behind for good.

With your help we can provide young people with a warm, safe room and ongoing support from a Key Worker. This will give them the chance to learn important life skills to help them move on to live independently.


We work with each young person to come up with a plan to reach their goals.


Good health is the foundation on which young people can build their confidence and skills.

Moving On

At all times, our overall goal is to prepare homeless young people to live independently.


How you can help this winter

Spotted a young person out on the streets that you’re worried about?

Laura from Centrepoint’s Helpline team shares how to find them the right support.

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Help save a vulnerable person's life by supporting our Winter Emergency Appeal.

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