Centrepoint Christmas Appeal

You can make all the difference.

Your donation could help to give a young person a bed.
Please donate now and help a young person like Emma.

£17 A warm bed and a healthy, hot meal

£17 could help pay for a warm, safe bed, and a hot meal with people who can care for them. This could ensure that a young person is safe this winter.

Give £17 now

£50 A warm bed and a welcome pack

£50 could help pay for a warm, safe bed, and a welcome pack full of essentials for their new life at Centrepoint, like toiletries, towels and cookware.

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£100 A warm bed and expert support

£100 could help pay for a safe bed over the winter plus the professional support they may need to overcome their difficult past and turn their lives around.

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Centrepoint Christmas Appeal

Would you rather risk being abused in a warm flat? Or risk being attacked on the freezing streets?

When Emma was just 15, her life was falling apart. Her stepfather had become aggressive and in the end she had no option but to leave home. Homeless and alone, Emma faced a terrifying choice – sleep on the streets at the mercy of muggers and rapists or sleep in a flat with her addict ex-boyfriend. Tragically, her story is far from unique. This year, thousands like her will make horrific choices to find a safe place to sleep. With your help, we can give young people like Emma a warm, safe room. Please donate to help a young person like Emma.

Your donation and our finances

Centrepoint does not take your donation for granted - it's too important. We support more than 9,000 homeless young people a year...but we know hundreds of thousands of more need help. In fact, we found out that 150,000 young people asked their local council for help with homelessness last year alone. We need to do more.

Public Purse Orange

Every £1 donated saves the public purse £2.40. This means the services we provide reduce demand on health, social and judicial government services, among others.

77p Of Every Pound Orange

76p in every £1 we spend goes directly to supporting young people now and investing to make sure more homeless young people get support tomorrow.


Without your generosity, we couldn't continue helping young people leave homelessness behind them.