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This could be the worst homelessness crisis in our 50-year history

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to thousands of young people losing their jobs, being kicked out of their accommodation and finding they have nowhere to go but the streets. They're cold. They’re frightened. And they’re at risk of illness, exploitation and violence. 

Your Christmas gift today could be the turning point for a vulnerable and homeless young person. Will you make sure young people are not forgotten, and give a gift this Christmas?

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£20 Could help buy crucial starter packs for young people

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£60 Could help towards counselling sessions for young people

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£150 Could help provide young people with dedicated Key Workers

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Jen: on the freezing city streets at 16

Jen’s* relationship with her mum was always rocky. But by the time she turned 16, it had totally broken down and Jen was forced from her family home. Although she tried sofa surfing with friends, she always felt like a burden. With no one looking out for her, and with no one to help her, she ended up sleeping rough.

Every day after school Jen would change out of her uniform and walk the town’s freezing winter streets until, exhausted, she would try and steal a few hours’ sleep. She didn’t even have a pair of socks to keep her feet warm, and her ankles have permanent blister scars from walking night after night.

When Jen was referred to our services, she was given a safe warm bed and the support she needed to turn her life around. Now she’s living in Centrepoint supported housing and studying hairdressing — all thanks to supporters like you.

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Clare: sleeping in doorways with no safe place to call home

Following a traumatic experience in her family home, Clare* had become increasingly unhappy. She could no longer stay in her own home and so moved from friend’s sofa to friend’s sofa, hostel to hostel, until she ended up on the streets in winter with no safe place to go.

Clare felt alone and helpless, sleeping in the doorway of a block of flats. The turning point came when supporters like you meant we could be there for Clare. We worked with Clare so she could leave homelessness behind and now she has a place of her own. She even uses her own experiences to help other young people struggling to find a home

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Adam: abused, depressed, sleeping in a car

Adam* endured years of sexual and physical abuse before his mum threw him out when he was just a teenager. He had nothing but the clothes on his back and ended up sleeping in a car. Things became so bad for Adam that he considered taking his own life.

Thanks to supporters like you, Adam was referred to Centrepoint. He was given a safe, warm room and from there could start to turn his life around. His Key Worker secured him the support he needed to manage his depression and he has started to address the trauma of his childhood. He now has a home, a place at university, and a plan for a better, happier future.


As we face what could be the worst homelessness crisis in our 50-year history, young people need your help more than ever. Despite nationwide efforts at the start of the Coronavirus crisis to tackle rough sleeping, more and more young people are struggling to survive on the streets. When temperatures start to plummet and winter draws in, young lives are at risk. At the same time, we are pushed to our limits. Calls to our Helpline have increased by 50% since March — from young people with no home, nowhere to go and no one to turn to. They urgently need your help.


When you give today, you can also write a message to show your solidarity with a homeless young person staying in a Centrepoint service this Christmas. Please email your message to individualgiving@centrepoint.org, we will then share it on our message board below and with a young person living in our services.

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Youth homelessness at a glance

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50% increase in calls to our Helpline from young people on the brink of homelessness

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23,000 young people estimated to be homeless last winter, which is set to worsen in 2020

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74% of councils in England believe there will be a rise in homelessness due to COVID-19

*We use models and change the names of the young people we work with to protect their identity. However, all stories are true and as told by the young person.