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Bursary Appeal 2021

By helping to fund a Centrepoint Bursary, you will make a transformative impact at a pivotal time for a homeless young person. Right now, there are young people who are on the cusp of finally being able to take up their hard-earned places in education or work.

However, the stark truth is that many of these young people simply do not have the means to pay for the essentials they need to pursue these opportunities.

For them, a Centrepoint Bursary would be much more than a helping hand – it could be the difference between moving on from homelessness or not.


£200 could go towards childcare so that a young parent can start higher education

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£500 could help pay for vital equipment so a young person can take on an apprenticeship

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£750 could help go towards a laptop and textbooks for a young person starting university

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Bethany's story

Bethany, 20, was referred to Centrepoint in March 2020. She moved into student accommodation when she started her degree at the London School of Economics, where she is studying International Social and Public Policy. She lives in an apartment with her son and continues to receive financial support from the Centrepoint Bursary, which has provided her with a laptop and helps to pay for childcare whilst she is studying. Watch this video to find out more about the support that Bethany receives from Centrepoint and what she plans to in the future.

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£170,000 raised of our £170,000 target!

We’re starting to receive many applications from young people across our three life-changing Bursary funds. Will you join together with your fellow supporters and help us raise the £170,000 we need to fund Bursaries for each of them before the funding deadline?

You can track the progress of this year's Bursary Appeal using this thermometer. 100% of any gift you make will go directly to funding Centrepoint Bursaries for young people, until we reach our funding target of £170,000. Any gifts received after that target is reached will go wherever the need is greatest.


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The Bursary helped Jake to follow his passion

Jake* was kicked out by his mum when he came out as gay while at sixth form college. He found himself in a temporary bedsit, traumatised and alone. As Jake says: "Being chucked out of my mum’s house and trying to sustain everything around me. It was really hard".

Eventually, Jake was referred to Centrepoint. Here, he got the support he needed to focus on his future and successfully applied for a hairdressing apprenticeship. Sadly, there was no way Jake could afford the necessary equipment.

Despite getting so close, he faced losing his hard-earned chance to build a career. Thanks to generous investment from supporters like you, we gave Jake the EET Bursary to pay for his equipment. He is now well on his way to becoming a professional hairdresser.


Each of the three Centrepoint Bursary funds can play a vital role in shaping a young person’s future

Further education or work will mean something different to each and every one of us, so it's crucial that our Bursary fund caters for a wide range of young people and their ambitions. Click below to find out more about what makes each of the three funds so special, and how they work to meet young people's specific needs.

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Damon's University dream

Damon* has loved science since he was little. He couldn’t imagine not being a scientist. Sadly, his relationship with his family broke down soon after he finished his GCSEs.

He found himself on the streets, where he was subjected to terrifying situations such as being threatened by a knife-wielding stranger. Even in the face of fear, hunger and the cold, he tried to stay on top of his studies. In his darkest moments, it was his academic ambitions that kept him going. After a harrowing eight months sleeping rough, Damon was referred to Centrepoint.

While at Centrepoint, Damon worked incredibly hard and was eventually awarded a place at a top university. With no one to rely on for financial support, it was Centrepoint supporters like you that ensured Damon was awarded a Bursary, so that he could take up his university place and turn his passion for science into a bright future.

*Damon and Jake’s inspiring stories are real but their names have been changed and models used to protect their identities.


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You could define a homeless young person's future

"As I’m sure you know, at Centrepoint we’re about so much more than just giving young people a roof over their head. Thanks to supporters like you, we give young people the support they need to truly overcome homelessness – through counselling, life skills training and help with their education.

"Your gift today could be vital to a young person taking the next step on from that. So many of the young people I work with have no one in their life who can help open doors for them. For them, a Bursary is so much more than a helping hand – it can be the difference between finally moving on from homelessness or not. That’s the power of the support we’re asking you for today – and it could be life-changing."

- Paul Beaumont, Senior Bursary Officer 

What makes the Bursary so important?

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552 young people are currently in education, higher education or work with the help of Centrepoint Bursaries

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331 Bursaries have been awarded in the last two years thanks to Centrepoint supporters like you

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150 deserving young people’s futures could be changed forever with your help today