Daniel was rough sleeping on the streets, but with Centrepoint's support he's now happy and looking forward to a brighter future.

Daniel's story

Daniel's parents both abused him verbally and physically -they made it clear that he wasn't wanted. Sometimes Daniel would come home and find they'd locked him out, leaving him with no choice but to wander the streets alone.

One night Daniel's father flew into a rage and started beating him. Injured and scared, Daniel knew he couldn't stay there.

abused by his parents

Daniel is the eldest of four children. His mother and father married when they were young and made it clear that he wasn't wanted, abusing him both verbally and physically.

His father thought nothing of hitting him regularly with anything that he could find. Daniel often found himself regularly locked out of the house. There were many nights when Daniel had no choice but to roam the streets.

Things came to head when Daniel was 18. One morning while getting ready for work, his father flew into a rage and started to hit Daniel, punching him hard in the face and even hitting him with an iron.

Injured and scared, he knew he could not stay at home. Daniel tried staying with relatives and friends, but soon found himself homeless and alone.

Daniel was referred to Centrepoint where he had a cosy bed in a warm, safe room that he could call his own. He quickly relaxed and made good friends with both the staff and with others who were in similar situations to his own.

Daniel soon took advantage of the kitchen, with the enticing food smells encouraging him to learn how to cook and put a shopping budget together. Talking with his support and development worker has made him want to take on more responsibility and he is taking part in workshops, with a view to going to college.

Daniel loves being in the kitchen and is always learning new dishes to show off. He's delighted to have been accepted for a horticultural course.

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With homeless people being twice as likely to die as their housed peers and resorting to desperate measures to survive on the streets, there is a vital need to get them off the streets and into a warm, safe room that can become their home. For young people like Daniel, the right support can be life changing. By sponsoring a room, you'll provide more than a roof over a young person’s head - it is a safe haven where they can gain access to education, counselling, apprenticeships and functional skills until they are ready to move on.

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