Centrepoint Award winner Claudette with HRH The Duke of Cambridge

Claudette's story

Claudette's drive and spirit are truly inspiring. That's why she was the deserving winner of the Enterprise Award at the Centrepoint Awards 2018.

"I wanted to give a better life to my son"

Claudette is a role model to all single mothers who have faced adversity.

Growing up, Claudette lived at home with her mother and younger brother. Claudette’s mother was an alcoholic, so she had to help take care of her little brother.

Unable to live with her mother anymore, Claudette left home at 17 and moved in to her first hostel. “It was dreadful but it was a roof over my head,” she recalls.

Claudette stayed at the hostel for two years. She then came to Centrepoint when she was seven months pregnant.

Building a brighter future

After her son was born, she brought him up in a shared flat with two other young mothers. While there, she also received support from Centrepoint staff.

Determined to seize every opportunity to build a brighter future for her son, she took part in Centrepoint’s Workwise programme. The course helps young people gain the skills they need to find employment, including interview techniques and CV writing.

Claudette didn’t just enrol in the programme – she excelled. Her paid placements at a top law firm so impressed the GSM University in Greenwich that she earned a place to study Human Resources and Management. Incredibly, this was despite the fact she didn’t have any A Levels.

"A lot of people can write you off and judge you when you come from where I had," she says. "I wanted to give a better life to my son."

After completing her degree, she’s currently working in the NHS and living with her son in a privately rented flat.

Things are now looking up for Claudette. Her son is thriving at school, and she also has a greatly-improved relationship with her mother.

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