Chance to Move On Campaign

We are calling on the government to give homeless young people the Chance to Move On from homelessness, by ensuring the welfare safety net, including Universal Credit, covers the real cost of renting locally.

Chance to Move On Campaign

Family breakdown is the leading cause of youth homelessness. When young people cannot rely on family to support them, the benefits system is a lifeline. Yet the current system treats homeless young people unfairly, simply because of their age.

Right now, thousands of young people are unable to move on from homeless hostels, because they receive less Universal Credit. With a fairer deal, they could be supported to live independently, freeing up vital hostel spaces for others in urgent need.


Why does Universal Credit not cover the cost of renting?

The amount of financial support someone can get through Universal Credit is supposed to be based on average rent prices in the local area, known as the Local Housing Allowance. However a number of issues have meant that homeless young people are being disproportionately discriminated against:

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Under 25s leaving homelessness accommodation can only receive the lowest rate of financial support (the shared accommodation rate).

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Not all young people can live in shared accommodation, especially if they are dealing with ongoing trauma and need space of their own.

Centrepoint provides bed spaces for homeless young people.

The Local Housing Allowance was lowered to the bottom third of local rents, limiting the number of properties available. 

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Benefits have been frozen since 2016, so while rents have increased, the amount of support has remained the same.

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Parliamentary Briefing

A parliamentary briefing on the Chance to Move On campaign, detailing the case for a change in the law, including facts, figures, costing and a case study.

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Sign our petition

We are calling on the Government to extend the shared accommodation rate exemption to under 25s that have lived in homeless hostels, so that more young people can start a brighter future. Will you join us? Add your name now. 

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The houses of Parliament

Ask Your MP

Thousands of young people in the UK are homeless or at risk - it’s a hidden crisis that needs urgent action. We’re calling on the government to give homeless young people the chance to move on and find a long-term home. Contact your MP and make sure they put homelessness at the top of the agenda. 

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Our research

We wanted to understand why young people were struggling to move on from homelessness and what needed to change to give them the chance to move on. 

Youth Obligation Report

The Youth Obligation is designed to support young people aged 18 to 21, who are making a new Universal Credit claim, into employment, work-related training or an apprenticeship. Read how it is failing to support the most disadvantaged claimants, including homeless young people, into work.

Talkin' 'bout my generation

The last five decades have seen massive change to the UK housing market. No age group has been more affected by these changes than young people as they transition to adulthood and independence. This report sets our campaign in context. 

Ready to Move On

This report outlines the barriers to homeless young people accessing longer-term accommodation and makes some key recommendations, including ensuring Universal Credit covers the real cost of renting locally - for under 25s leaving homelessness accommodation.

The barriers to moving on

Billy Harding, Centrepoint's Policy and Research Officer, introduces Centrepoint's new report exploring the barriers to homeless young people accessing longer-term accommodation.

Understanding universal credit

If you're struggling to understand Universal Credit or want to know how to support someone on Universal Credit, take a look at some of our guides. 

Guide to Universal Credit: General Accommodation

This guide is for young people living in general needs or move-on accommodation, such as private or social rented housing, to help make sense of Universal Credit.

Universal Credit Guide: Supported Accommodation

Universal Credit rolls six existing benefits into one monthly payment. This guide is for young people living in supported accommodation, such as a hostel.