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Centrepoint campaigns to influence national and local government policy that affects homeless young people.

Influencing policy campaigning for change

We focus on areas of policy including housing, family and health. We also campaign to ensure homeless young people are getting the right support when it comes to their benefits and personal finance, education, skills and employment opportunities.


Young, Employed and Homeless

Centrepoint’s new report “Young, Employed and Homeless” examines homeless young people’s experiences of precarious employment, from temporary agency work to zero-hour contracts. Find out what more can be done to ensure young people find a route out of homelessness through secure employment.

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A young person sits in their front room. Add your name to Centrepoint's handraiser if you agree Universal Credit should not be making youth homelessness work.

Chance to Move On Campaign

We are calling on the government to give homeless young people the Chance to Move On from homelessness, by ensuring the welfare safety net, including Universal Credit, covers the real cost of renting locally. Join us to campaign for change. 

Our Campaign

Hannah, a Centrepoint young person.

The youth homelessness Databank

Centrepoint’s Youth Homelessness Databank collects local data from across the UK on the scale of youth homelessness. It also provides an insight into the type of interactions young people are having with their local councils and what support is being offered.

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Ready to move on

It's increasing difficult for vulnerable young people to move out of supported accommodation and live independently. In this video Billy Harding, our Policy and Research Officer, explains the barriers to young people accessing longer-term housing.

Unable to find long term accommodation

Our research shows that a shortage of affordable homes and increasingly restrictive welfare policies mean more and more young people are unable to find and secure suitable housing.

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Centrepoint helps more than 10,000 homeless young people a year. Our research helps us understand what support they need.

42% have issues with their mental health
14% are refugees
14% are refugees
28% have been living in care
28% have been living in care
A girl looks out of the window

Making homeless young people count

The stats for homeless young people are shocking. Our research estimates 103,000 young people asked for help from their local council in 2017/18 because they were homeless or at risk.

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Our areas of research

Preventing youth homelessness

The best way to protect young people from the devastating impact of homelessness is to stop it from happening at all.

Experiences of youth homelessness

Youth homelessness is complex and a very different experience for each of the young people we support.

Tackling youth homelessness

To turn their lives around, homeless young people need access to accommodation, training and employment.

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