More than a Chistmas Treat


Whether it’s a satsuma in a stocking or a chocolate selection box on the dining room table, every Christmas has treat traditions. Sometimes the smallest treats and gestures of kindness can make all the difference to someone’s Christmas. Give a homele…

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More than a Christmas Dinner


The dinner is often the main event of Christmas. For homeless young people who might already feel isolated, missing out can compound their loneliness. This gift means you’re providing them with a hot, healthy meal to share with people who are support…

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More than a Christmas Gift


For homeless young people the long Christmas period can be incredibly lonely. Giving and receiving gifts - big or small - is a special part of Christmas, but there may be little to give or receive for many homeless young people. A comforting gift fro…

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More than a Set Of Toiletries


When you’ve been living on the streets or sofa surfing, the chance to take a bath or brush your teeth can be a luxury. Taking that first shower after arriving at Centrepoint represents a clean break from a homeless past. Help give a homeless young pe…

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More than a Christmas Jumper


Jumpers at Christmas have become a novelty. For a homeless young person, a Christmas jumper means warmth, comfort and protection from harsh winter nights. New clothing can also give confidence and a feeling of a fresh start. Help a homeless young per…

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More than a Health Check


Homeless young people face a number of challenges. When they arrive at Centrepoint, we talk to them one on one to find out what special health or psychological support they might need. Give a homeless young person the support they need to improve the…

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More than a Counselling Session


Counselling and psychological support play a huge part in our approach to tackling the root causes of homelessness. We have professional therapists and qualified keyworkers who can support young people to come to terms with their past and look forwar…

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More than a Bed


Without a bed of their own, a homeless young person has a choice between sofa surfing or the streets. Without a good night’s sleep how can we expect a homeless young person to be happy, healthy or able to build a positive future? Give a homeless youn…

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Christmas Box


A jumper to keep them warm, and a place to stay and hamper to keep them going. Give a young person some much-needed safety, warm shelter and food over the festive period. Offer them the chance of a Christmas they will always remember with happiness.

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