More than a Set Of Toiletries


Give a young homeless person a clean and fresh start with toiletries. The chance to wash and brush your teeth will be a luxury for them after living on the streets or in run down buildings. 

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More than a Christmas Dinner


Give a homeless young person a healthy, hot meal with a Christmas Dinner they can enjoy with people who are there to support them. At a time when they may be used to feeling lonely, this gift can change that.  

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More than a Christmas Gift


Spread Christmas joy with this gift. Help a homeless young person feel special and happy at a time that can feel lonely.

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More than a Christmas Jumper


Give a homeless young person warmth, comfort and protection. New clothes help grow confidence and can help get someone back on their feet.

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More than a Health Check


Homeless young people face a number of challenges and mental difficulties. Buy a healthcheck to give them the one-to-one support they need.

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More than a Counselling Session


Ensure a homeless young person has someone to talk to. Give them the support to come to terms with their past and look forward to the future.

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More than a Bed


Give safety, comfort and warmth to a young homeless person this Christmas instead of cold, hard concrete.

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Christmas Box


This gift box will give a young person a safe, warm environment to stay, as well as a hot, healthy meal over the Christmas period.

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Starter Box


Provides a homeless young person with a set of toiletries and a safe, warm environment. This gives a young person the chance to make a fresh start.

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