More than a Set Of Toiletries


Give a young homeless person a clean and fresh start with toiletries. The chance to wash and brush your teeth will be a luxury for them after living on the streets or in run down buildings. 

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More than a Christmas Dinner


Give a homeless young person a healthy, hot meal with a Christmas Dinner they can enjoy with people who are there to support them. At a time when they may be used to feeling lonely, this gift can change that.  

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More than a Christmas Gift


Spread Christmas joy with this gift. Help a homeless young person feel special and happy at a time that can feel lonely.

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More than a Christmas Jumper


Give a homeless young person warmth, comfort and protection. New clothes help grow confidence and can help get someone back on their feet.

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More than a Health Check


Homeless young people face a number of challenges and mental difficulties. Buy a healthcheck to give them the one-to-one support they need.

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More than a Counselling Session


Ensure a homeless young person has someone to talk to. Give them the support to come to terms with their past and look forward to the future.

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More than a Bed


Give safety, comfort and warmth to a young homeless person this Christmas instead of cold, hard concrete.

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Christmas Box


This gift box will give a young person a safe, warm environment to stay, as well as a hot, healthy meal over the Christmas period.

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Starter Box


Provides a homeless young person with a set of toiletries and a safe, warm environment. This gives a young person the chance to make a fresh start.

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More than a Christmas Hamper


A Christmas hamper gift will allow a homeless young person to buy enough food to last them the Christmas week, plus some basic food items to see them into the New Year.

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New Baby Box


Becoming a new mum can be extremely daunting and expensive. Make sure the new mothers feel prepared. This gift will provide the essential equipment including clothes, nappies and toiletries.

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Support Box


As well as the safety of a Centrepoint room, this gift box provides young people with practical support to help them come to terms with their past or think about the future.

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More than a study kit


Pens, paper, books and tablets are the kind of things that most students take for granted. But for a homeless young person, they are simply unaffordable. Yet without them, they have little chance of being able to go into education or employment.

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More than Kitchen Utensils


When homeless young people find somewhere to live through Centrepoint, they still need the same things as the rest of us. Our new home kits provide them with essential items such as a kettle, a toaster and cutlery for the kitchen.

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Gym And Health Box


Physical health is important and we provide gyms at some of our hostels. This gift will allow access to a gym, their gym kit and the chance for a young person to improve their physical and mental health.

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Sponsor A Room


A room at Centrepoint can get a homeless young person off the streets for good. Your gift will not only pay for a warm, safe room for up to a year but also for vital support they may have never been given before.

Our Sponsor a Room programme has been…

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Success Box


This gift gives young people a real chance of escaping homelessness forever - Centrepoint Room Sponsorship for a year, essential items for study and practical support, as well as a hot, healthy Christmas dinner.

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Higher Education Box


Many homeless young people don’t have support from parents for education. This gift ensures they have the money they need for books, food and essentials to excel in their chosen field.

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Starting Out Box


Help a homeless young person make the final step to independence through room sponsorship, counselling, financial help through university and tools for studying to help them into education or training.

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