Billy Harding

Five ways homeless young people are affected by violence and exploitation

06 August, 2019

New research by Centrepoint highlights just how youth violence and criminal exploitation impacts on …

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Homes for the future: Why young people’s housing needs should be taken seriously this election

30 November, 2019

Centrepoint’s research and policy officer Billy Harding makes the case why all political parties need to deliver on their housing promises at this general election.

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Locked Out: Youth Homelessness during and beyond the Covid-19 Pandemic

17 July, 2020

Centrepoint’s policy and research officer Billy Harding talks about our new research on the impacts of Coronavirus on youth homelessness in England.

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No place to spend Christmas: new research into experiences of youth homelessness

15 November, 2019

Over the Christmas period last year, an estimated 22,000 young people sought help because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Centrepoint’s policy and research officer Billy Harding discusses new research into the experiences of homeless young people across England and Wales.

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Quality youth work is key to preventing crisis for young people

04 March, 2019

Billy Harding, Policy and Research Officer, talks about the importance of youth work in tackling iss…

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Welcome reforms to Universal Credit

18 January, 2019

Billy Harding, Centrepoint’s Policy and Research Officer, explains the most recent changes to the Go…

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Why do young people get less support?

01 May, 2020

Centrepoint’s Policy and Research Officer Billy Harding looks at why young people under 25 get a lower level of support through the benefits system and argues why this needs to change.

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