In with the wrong crowd

At college Abdul was dragged into fights that put his life in danger.

But after coming to Centrepoint, he’s now taking every opportunity to turn his life around.

A different journey

Aged 15, Abdul started hanging out with the wrong people. His family tried to focus his attention back to education, but he struggled to listen to their advice.

When trying to help a friend who was in a dangerous situation, Abdul was stabbed.

Worried for the safety of their other children, Abdul’s parents asked him to leave the family home.

“It’s scary when you are walking out on the road and you don’t know whether you are going to go back home or not,” he recalls.

Abdul became homeless and started sleeping rough.

"If it wasn't for Centrepoint, I don't know where I'd be"

After speaking to his local council, Abdul was referred to Centrepoint. When he arrived, he received a warm, safe room along with support for his physical and mental health.

Seizing the opportunity to start again, Abdul started to take responsibility for his life with the help of his key worker Christy.

“She’s always smiley. It motivates me and puts me in a good mood. And when she sees I’m not happy she really wants to help me, which is good.” 

Determined to leave his old life behind, Abdul recently completed an apprenticeship in catering.

“It was great, I learned a lot. I’m really proud of myself because I never thought I could do it,” he says. 

It’s been a year since Abdul came to Centrepoint and it’s easy to see the transformation he’s made. He now dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and using his experiences to show other young people there is a better way.

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