A young man who has become homeless because of a family bereavement.

Just Go Home

For some young people, going back to their families isn't an option.

Centrepoint is here to make sure vulnerable young people have somewhere safe to stay.

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Our research shows 103,000 young people approached their local council because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2017/18. These young people become homeless for various reasons, so no two stories are the same.

Why don't you just go home?

Vulnerable and homeless young people aren't always able to go back home. Family bereavements, unsafe environments and relationship breakdown could even make it impossible.

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29 per cent of young people supported by Centrepoint have slept rough.

An icon representing Centrepoint provides support from those leaving supported accommodation.

36 per cent of Centrepoint young people are care leavers.

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53 per cent of Centrepoint young people have experienced mental health issues.

A young woman who can't return home because of a relationship breakdown with her family.

Breaking the rules

Some young people have been forced out of their home due to their family's beliefs. A young person may be told to leave because they've become pregnant or because of their sexuality. Having somewhere safe to stay should be the least of their worries at this time.

A young man , who experienced being homeless, looks at a photo of his family.

SUffering a loss

Experiencing bereavement is always difficult. But a young person's life can change instantly after the death of a relative. As well as having to deal with grief, they might also have to leave the home they've lived in all their life. And if they have no support network, some may have no choice but to sleep out on the streets.

A scared young woman. Young people can become homeless because it's no longer safe for them to go back to their families.

Unsafe Environments and Unhealthy Relationships

55 per cent of young people supported by Centrepoint in 2018 left home because the relationship with their family broke down. Some have even had to flee because of violence and abuse. Centrepoint gives young people a safe, warm and supportive environment to start their futures

Will You Help a Homeless Young Person?

By sponsoring a room at Centrepoint for £12 a month, you can help a young person leave homelessness behind for good. As a Centrepoint room sponsor, you will provide housing for homeless young people, support young people with counselling and practical advice and give them the skills they need to find a job.

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Call the Centrepoint Charity Helpline on 0808 800 0661.

The Centrepoint Helpline

We offer advice to anyone in England aged 16-25. We can also help you if you're worried about a young person you know. Our dedicated Helpline advisors are available to chat online Monday to Friday between 10am-4pm. Call us free on 0808 800 0661 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).

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