Corporate Events

Centrepoint is thankful for all the support it gets from the business sector. Companies across the UK raise thousands of pounds for us every year.

As well as raising money at their own events, we hold fundraisers throughout the year specifically for our corporate supporters, like:

Fern Britton and David Tennant act the fools at the Ultimate Pub Quiz

The Ultimate Pub Quiz

Once the excitment of New Year has been and gone, there's only one event to look forward to - the Centrepoint Ultimate Pub Quiz.

Celebs from film, TV, music and sport have graced our pub quiz tables, boosting our fundraising targets with auctions and their own donations.

Such faces as Jonathan Ross, David Tennant, Gok Wan and Fern Britton have attended and hosted, along with...wait for it...HUGH GRANT!

Keep an eye on Facebook for pictures from the pub quiz. And if your company wants to get involved, contact us here.