Centrepoint's Youth Homelessness Databank

The Youth Homelessness Databank is a Google funded two-year digital innovation project that is building two key digital tools for the youth homelessness sector.

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The first tool is a Data Dashboard that will collate, measure and display youth homelessness data from multiple sources such as national government, local authorities, charities and housing providers.

The data will help all of us better understand numbers of young people experiencing homelessness, why young people become homeless and the impact of services region by region. The Dashboard will be the first of its kind – an open data resource for the whole of the UK, helping to build the weight of evidence necessary to create real change.

The second tool will be a web or mobile app for young people who have left Centrepoint’s youth homelessness services, where they can share stories with each other and society. As well as being a resource for young people, this will also help us to better understand the longer term outcomes for young people who have experienced homelessness such as:

  • What happens when people leave the services?
  • Do the services work?
  • What are the needs that still exist?

The app will be co-designed by Centrepoint young people to ensure we create something that is both useful and easy to use.

Click here for a summary of our idea in one handy PDF   

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What is the Google Impact Challenge?

Google gave £3.2m to charities with innovative ideas in 2014. Centrepoint won a judges' vote and is now using its £500,000 share of the funding to gather real evidence about youth homelessness. We want to find out the true scale of youth homelessness in the UK and which intervention services really have an impact.

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