Meet the Centrepoint Parliament

We're the Centrepoint Parliament - the voice of Centrepoint and a voice for homeless young people in the UK. 
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Every year, homeless young people living in Centrepoint hostels elect a Parliament to represent them. We help them be heard. We lobby government. We campaign. We hold Centrepoint to account.

Here you can get to know a little bit about the members of Centrepoint Parliament SIX. To hear more about our campaigns and what's on our minds, you can connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Mohammed Cropped


I joined the Centrepoint Parliament because I like to help young people. I am making sure their views are heard by campaigning.

Who is your hero and why?

My hero is Beyoncé because I really like her passion and freshness

Sky Cropped


I have experience that helps me empathise with and advocate for people. I want to help people talk about their problems and not only think about the short term.

An interesting fact about you:

I know martial arts and write song lyrics.

Laura Cropped


I joined Centrepoint Parliament so that I can grow and strengthen my business by gaining more contacts, making a difference in my community and having a say in the world.

An interesting fact about you:

I run a charity.

Gentjan Cropped


I’m willing to work hard to bring improvements and changes to Centrepoint services in hostels. What I would like to achieve is more job opportunities, work experience and training for young people within Centrepoint.

Who is your hero and why?

The American linguist Noam Chomsky, because his books are the best motivation and inspiration to me.

Felicia Cropped


I joined because I wanted to make a change to Centrepoint and to make improvements.

An interesting fact about you:

I audition for Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor.

Ezat Cropped


I achieved so many things from talking with, and in front of, new people. I have got to know some people who work with Centrepoint Parliament and made new friends, I hope to keep doing this.

Who is your hero and why?

My heroes are my teachers.

Lamar Cropped


I hope to change the way young people are viewed and treated by the government, to provide more opportunities for young people to build a career instead of turning to crime.

Who is your hero and why?

Son Goku (Japanese manga character), because he can break his limits over and over again.


I joined Centrepoint Parliament because I wanted to be the voice of young people and make changes.

Who is your hero and why?

Gordon Ramsey. He is my inspiration. 


I joined the parliament because I believe that I can help make a change for the lives of young people.

Who is your hero and why?

Definitely my Grandma. She is strong, independent and hardworking. She's my inspiration.


I want everyone to know how young people are living. I want people to look at us in a different light because not every young person is the same. I want to be able to change lives and put things in place so that we can live better.

An interesting fact about you:

I sing.


I want to make a difference to how young people live, on mental health and education. I want to empower young people and help them speak out about things they consider wrong, not to their friends but to people that can make a difference. I joined because I want to change education.

Who is your hero and why?

Maya Angelou is my hero because she makes me feel proud to be a black woman, her poetry is powerful and she is a great feminist.

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Parliament latest!

January 2015


Centrepoint Parliaments one to five came together to celebrate five years!


We went back to where it all began - the House of Commons - to talk about issues affecting young people today and what we've achieved since 2010.


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Our legacy!

Getting young people to register to vote


A live theatre experience telling true stories of youth homelessness


Publications on the reality of young people on benefits


£15m secured for vulnerable young people in education


....and so much more!


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